Digital operational flight plans (OFP), worldwide, using
   state of the art flight planning software to meet your
   expectations and operational requirements

ATC flight plan filing and follow up

Creation of mass & balance calculation (Loadsheet) by
   using state of the art mass & balance tools

Aircraft performance data (runway analysis) by using
   state of the art performance tools

● Providing assistance with routing options,
   flight time calculations, planning of fuel stops,
   airport informations, payload limitations and much more

FMS flightplan upload via ARINC/SATCOM,
   RAIM reports, cosmic radiation assistance

Optimized fuel planning in order to reduce
   operational costs

● Crew briefings including worldwide satellite imagery,
   route weather & NOTAM briefings

Arrangement of aircraft handling and follow up accordingly

Arrangement of airport slots/PPRs and follow up accordingly

Creation and submission of Gendec & Master Ticket
   – Customs notification

Overflight permission arrangement

Landing permission arrangement

Arrangement of passenger transportation and special
   requests through agent partners

Arrangement of crew hotel and crew transportation

Arrangement of special entry requirements
   (APIS, TSA Waiver, CANPASS, ASOC, …)

● Flight Following, Flight Watch, Movement Control,
   communication with Eurocontrol or equivalent

● Arrangement of one time ferry/delivery flights
   worldwide for any type of aircraft

● NCC operation assistance (manuals, postholder,
   training, coordination, …)

Additional services not stated above, on request